#AllThingsNew (Pt1)

#AllThingsNew Easter 2014 ArtworkThe cat is out of the bag as it were. This April we’ll be calling a new venue ‘home‘ for our Sunday Morning Services, Llandybie Memorial Hall.

We are so grateful to Amman Valley School for accommodating us for a little over 3 years. And we’re grateful too for God’s blessings in that time. But it’s time for a new chapter in the life of Ammanford Evangelical Church.

The history of the church is often retold in terms of changes to meeting places. From the move into the Pensioner’s Hall from the St. John’s Hall. To the move from the Pensioner’s into our own space on Wind Street. Most recently of course the ‘change in venue’ was from our own building once again into a hired space.

Since our move to the school in Autumn 2010 the church has been mightily blessed and grown significantly. Both in terms of adults attending, crèche/Sunday school classes and even pastors! All of which mean that on a Sunday morning we’re quite a handful.

Llandybie Memorial Hall will be familiar to many, especially as last summer we travelled there in order to hold a special baptismal service for 3 of our young people. It’s a great facility that will offer us space to grow as an adult congregation, multiple rooms for the various children works and a new challenge as we are yet again removed from our comfort zone and forced to ask the question, “How do we serve God wherever we are?”

Put the date in your diaries… April 13th is moving day, the start of a new chapter, #AllThingsNew

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