Time to Split

bananaSplitIt’s that time again. Fairtrade fortnight (celebrated nationally) has for the last 6 years been crowned in Ammanford by our huge Banana Split.

If you’ve ever attended before then really all that needs to be said is that the split is on Friday from 5:45pm … and remember to bring a spoon.

If you’ve never been before then allow me to paint a little word picture:

Imagine Ammanford Arcade, top to bottom, being one long banana split? Can’t picture that? Well imagine 12 large tables supporting 36 meters of guttering, lined with tin foil, stuffed with hundreds of Fairtrade Banana’s, 32 litres of Frank’s Ice Cream, squitry cream, chocolate and strawberry cream. Now imagine hundreds of locals, young and old, gathered round to indulge and celebrate Fairtrade.  

Still can’t picture it? Well try this literal picture and see you this Friday at 5:45 in the Arcade.


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