Church on the Road (again)

At Ammanford Evangelical Church one of the things we strongly believe (and teach regularly) is that ‘church’ is about more than buildings and meetings. And God loves reminding us of this!

Most of the church’s 40year history has been spent ‘on the road’, moving from one hall to another, always shifting so that the people who make up the church (and the people the church is trying to reach!) can attend.

This Sunday is another example of that as we’re on the move for 1 week only.

On Sunday 11th May our morning service (10:30am) will be held in Bethany Chapel in Ammanford. Bethany is a very large chapel on the left hand side of teh road as you exit Ammanford toward Tycroes (map here).

Parking is available in the center of town with the chapel a short 2 minute walk away.

Spread the word! Ammanford Evangelical is coming back to Ammanford… even if only for a quick visit.

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