Choices, Choices, Choices

Do you ever come across people who seem to have their act together to such an extent that you imagine they don’t have to do the basics any more? They seem so in control that it appears that they don’t need to make the difficult daily choices? Often we look at such people and think, “They’ve arrived.” In our minds at least we think, “These people could walk on water if that’s what was needed.”

Yet I was reminded this morning during some light reading that even these ‘water walkers’ are not free from making daily choices if they are to stay on track. The particular choices that were brought to my attention were:
  • When life gets really busy and the needs of others are crowding in on me then a deliberate choice to find a place of solitude needs to be made.
  • When seemingly legitimate distractions demand my attention I need choose to intentionally remain true to my purpose or calling.
  • When I have a big task ahead of me, my best tactic is to chose a team to help me.
These reminders were found in a record of a life lived two millennia ago. These records refer to what Jesus had to pay attention to and daily choices He had to make. I’m certain that I can’t ignore his example.

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