Summer Recommendations – Money

Here are this weeks summer recommendations on the discipleship topic of money and giving. Remember, you can download all the apps via your favorite device and the books are available on the Welcome Desk (limited numbers). If the Welcome Desk is all out then you can grab a copy from the church’s online bookstore.

money secretThe Money Secret – Rob Parsons (£7.50):

Practical and life-changing, this book will totally revolutionise your attitude to money and show how it can either be the source of freedom and happiness or a burden of guilt and debt. When you have finished this powerful story you will want to cut up your credit cards forever and rid yourself of the power of the banks and lenders and advertisers who dupe us all into a spending frenzy based on false promises and slick delusions.

As well as offering solutions this book will challenge the status quo and question current spending habits. Rich or poor, we have all at some time felt in despair about money and its power over our lives.

See also: “The Grace of Giving” – a small yet helpful booklet exploring the grace we exercise when we are financial givers. (£2.50)

** Special Offer: Buy both books today for just £9 from the welcome desk **

CABBudget Tracker – CAB – iOS only (free):

Quickly, simply and confidentially work out your budget and manage your finances with the Citizens Advice Bureau’s free app. You will see exactly how much you have to spend on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

To find the app search for “Budget Tracker – CAB”

See also: Budget from Flatly – a slightly more detailed app that lets you keep a record as you spend as well as planning a budget. (Android Only)

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