God at Work in Wonderful Ways Around Wales

We’ve been praying the last few weeks for various missions/events weeks organised by Christian Unions in Wales. We though it would be good to share a little feedback from the recent week in Swansea (rest assured it’s a similar situation in Aberystwyth!)

Here’s some encouragement from Owen Brown, team leader for UCCF in Wales: 

The Swansea University Christian Union events week ‘SATISFIED?’ has come to an end. Thank you all so much for praying for the students as they laboured right up to the last, inviting friends and inviting strangers to here about Jesus!
There really has been so much to be thankful for Friday and Thursday and much to rejoice in from the week as a whole. Talking to the president Nathan Davies last night he believes there are some 40 individuals who are not already part of the Christian Union or a local church who want to know more about Jesus. Many of them have already been connected with Christian students to start looking at the Bible together. Isn’t that wonderful!

Now that’s just great isn’t it?! Let’s keep praying for all the different ways God is speaking and calling people to himself here in Wales: through churches, through individuals, through university Christian unions. 


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