Ammanford Evangelical Church is like one big family. With 100+ members, people from all over the Amman Valley from a variety of backgrounds and ages, we really are ‘all sorts.’

There isn’t a ‘type’ to a member of Ammanford Evangelical Church other than the fact we’re all Christians. When you come along you’ll meet:  young and old,  Welsh and English speakers, outgoing/chatty and shy/retiring people.

The church come together around a set of core beliefs and a common vision of ‘making and maturing Christ followers.’ That is we want to see people come to know Jesus Christ for themselves and to grow in their relationship with Him.

We strive to be a place where everyone feels at home. Regardless of age, language or disability, the Gospel transforms us into a diverse and inclusive community. For this reason we have services and home groups in both English and Welsh, as well as sign-language available each Sunday morning and a monthly outreach to the blind, called Torch.

IMG_2235.JPGThis church family is led by a team of elders (ministers, pastors, overseers, whatever!) These men have all been a part of the church for a number of years and are gifted in particular to care for the pastoral needs of the church, to teach the church and to plan ahead for the future of the church. Sammy is employed by the church and as such is referred to as Pastor.

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