Plan a Visit

We’d be thrilled to welcome you one Sunday to join with our church family. This page will give you all the information you need to find us (and a little bit of what to expect when you do).

Our Sunday service is at 10:30am every week at Llandybie Memorial Hall. You can arrive anytime after 10am and the service and Sunday School will be finished by 12pm (although people hang around over hot drinks even after that).

Here are some questions you might have about joining us (and hopefully some satisfying answers). For questions about childcare provision specifically go here.

Where will I park? – Llandybie Memorial Hall has a large free car park. Find the hall and you’ll be taken care of. 

What should I wear? – Whatever you feel comfortable wearing! There’s no dress code, some people join us in shorts and t-shirt while others feel more comfortable in their ‘Sunday best.’ Usually, you’ll find most people dressed between those two extremes. 

What will be going on when I arrive? – Someone will greet you at the entrance and point you to our preservice refreshments. They’ll also help you find where the creche meets and answer any of your questions. From around 10am onwards people are usually just catching up. Feel free to grab a drink and a seat at your own leisure. 

When does the service start? – The service starts at 10:30am on the dot. Before the service, we usually project a song onto our big screen which concludes with a countdown just to give everyone a bit of warning. 

What happens during a service? – We sing a few songs because we think what Jesus has done is amazing, and want to say so out loud. All the words you need are projected onto a large screen (join in, or not, that’s up to you).

We read a passage from the Bible because we want to hear what God has to say, then we listen to a sermon, or a talk based on the Bible reading because we want to hear what God’s Word means and how it’s relevant to our day-to-day life.

How long will the service last?  – The service lasts for an about 1 1/4hour or so. Once it’s over, you are free to leave but very welcome to chat, ask some questions and find out more. (Sunday School finishes at 12pm).

Do I have to take part in the service? – Short answer, no. Just being there is enough and we invite people to join in with whichever aspects they want.

Will you be asked for, or expected to give any money? – No. Since our church members take responsibility for all the church running costs.

However, we do take a collection during our services for church members to give. When that happens we’re happy for you to let the bags just pass you by. 

Childcare Provision:
My child isn’t in school yet, is there anything for them? – Our church is relaxed about noise, and want children and parents to be comfortable growing up in church. No-one will be turning around and giving you looks or making you feel bad. If you want to keep your child with you through the service that’s fine. 

We do have a creche available too. Children can be dropped off before the service starts and collected when it finishes. the creche is a safe, fun time with games, toys, songs and snacks. 

My child is in primary school, is there anything for them? – There are age-appropriate classes in our Sunday School (reception class, infants class and juniors class). The children begin the service in the main hall with us and after about 20minutes instructions are given about heading off to Sunday School.  Parents should collect their children from Sunday School at 12pm.


If you’ve still got questions we’d love to answer them – why not get in touch and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.