Ammanford Evangelical is a church that exists to see new people made and matured as Christ followers. This means that as a church we are constantly seeking God about how this can be done in the Amman Valley, the rest of Wales and around the world.

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For a number of years the leadership at AEC have been burdened by God to be involved with planting churches in South Wales, an area in which churches are closing more quickly than are opening.

The church is currently planting in the Cwm Gwendraeth Valley area. While AEC has its home in Ammanford and seeks to make and mature Christ followers in the Amman Valley, the new plant will look towards the neighbouring Cwm Gwendraeth Valley.

The plant has it’s own website that is accessible here.

If you wish to speak to us more about the church plant or want to join with us in praying for the Cwm Gwendraeth Valley then please get in touch.