Sermons from our 2012 series in Exodus. The God who delivers, the God who demands and the God who draws near.

“The God who Hears” Exodus 1 and 2 Jon Thomas

“The God who reveals Himself” Exodus 3 Jonathan Thomas

“The God Who Equips” Exodus 4 Sammy Davies

“Trusting in the Unseen God Exodus” 5 & 6 Jonathan Thomas Thomas

“Be Obedient and Speak” Exodus 6 and 7 Jonathan Thomas

“The 10 Plagues” Exodus 7-11 Jonathan Thomas

“The Passover Lamb” Exodus 12 Jonathan Thomas

“Amnesia and Deja-vu” Exodus 12:31-13:16 Jonathan Thomas Thomas

Exodus 13 & 14 (Easter Sunday) Jonathan Thomas

“Songs of Praise” Exodus 15 Sammy Davies

“Are you thirsty?” Exodus 15:22-27 Jonathan Thomas

“3rd Commandment – What’s in a Name?” Exodus 20:7 Sammy Davies

“4th Commandment” Exodus 20:8-11 Jonathan Thomas

“6th Commandment” Exodus 20:13 Sammy Davies

“7th Commandment” Exodus 20:14 Wyn Jones

“8th Commandment” Jonathan Thomas Exodus 20:15

“9th Commandment” Jonathan Thomas Exodus20:16

“10th Commandment” Jonathan Thomas Exodus 20:17

“More than a Go Between” Exodus 20v18-21 Sammy Davies

Exodus 23 Jonathan Thomas

“The God of Covenant” Exodus 24 Jonathan Thomas

“The Tabernacle: Where Heaven Meets Earth” Exodus 24-27 Jonathan Thomas

“The Promised Priest” Exodus 28-30 Jonathan Thomas

“The God of Beauty” Exodus 31:1-11 Jonathan Thomas


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