Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

Luke 14: A tale of two parties

Luke 15: Jesus’ heart for the lost

Luke 16: Use your money, don’t let your money use you

Luke 16:19ff: Living for today only (an error with recording means the first 40seconds are silence)

Luke 17: Three facts about sin and temptation

Luke 18:9-34:  Humility, and how I achieved it

Luke 18:35-19:27 : 3 reasons why people are not becoming Christians

Luke 19:28-48: Welcoming King Jesus

Luke 20: Is King Jesus your king?

Luke 21: Living in the light of the Second Coming

Luke 22: The Last Supper

Luke 22: The agony in the garden

Luke 22-23: The death of Jesus

Luke 24: From confusion to commision

Persistent Prayer Luke 18:1-8 (10th April 2011) Jamie Hurd