These sermons formed our ‘AEC PhraseBook’ Series. A number of sermons exploring phrases and axioms which define/describe us as a church.

Ammanford Evangelical Church PhraseBook Logo

Phrasebook #1 Make and Mature Christ Followers Matthew 28:18-20 Sammy Davies

PhraseBook #2 Beibl i Bawb o bobol y byd Psalm 96 Giovanni Donato

PhraseBook #5 Leaders Lead Romans 12:1-8 Wyn Jones

PhraseBook #6 It’s ok not to be ok, but it’s not ok to stay that way Jonathan Thomas

PhraseBook #8 One Another on a Monday 1 John 3 Sammy Davies

Phrasebook #9 One another on a Sunday 1 Peter 4 Sammy Davies

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