Christian Beliefs

Here’s whats coming up…:

17. What is the church?
The power, purposes, purity, unity and consistency of the church
18. What will happen when Christ returns?
The timing, signs, tribulation, and millennial views of Christ’s return and reign
19. What is the final judgement?
The purpose and events of the final judgement and the scriptural teaching about hell
20. What is heaven?
The renewed heavens and earth, what we will do, and how it will glorify God

…and here’s what you’ve missed:

6th Feb. Week 1 – What is the Bible?
13th Feb. Week 2 – What is God like?
20th Feb. Week 3 – What is the Trinity?
6th March Week 4 – What is creation?
13th March Week 5 – What is prayer?
20th March Week 6 – What are angels and demons?
3rd April Week 7 – What is man?
10th April Week 8 – What is sin?
17th April Week 9 – Who is Christ?
1st May Week 10 – What is Atonement?
8th May Week 11 – What is the Resurection?
15th May Week 12 – What is Election (or predestination)?
22nd May Week 13 – What does it mean to become a Christian?
5th June Week 14 – What are Justification and Adoption? 

More dates to follow…

If you’ve like to review any sessions you’ve missed then please contact the office to arrange borrowing the materials.

Join us for some Sunday evening Systematic Theology from the world-renowned Wayne Grudem. There are going to be 20 of these sessions so you can either a) come to them all or b) pick and choose that ones that interest you the most. The course begins February 6th at 6pm in the Church Building. Take a look at this little video for what the course will be like.