The church meets together each and every Sunday at 10:30am in Llandybie Memorial Hall (although you can arrive from any time after 10:00 am). The service will be finished before 12:00pm but everyone is welcome to stay afterwards for tea, coffee and biscuits.

If you have children they can be registered in our creche or Sunday Schools between 10:15 & 10:25am.

What to Expect:

Our services are much more informal than most people expect. The dress code for example is: “Come as you feel comfortable.” Which means for some jeans and a t-shirt or for others smart trousers and a tie.

Generally speaking the service will involve singing and listening to a sermon. The preaching is very important to us as we seek to take God’s timeless Word and apply it in a timely way. Whether an old Christian, a new Christian or not yet a Christian, we believe it is the Gospel which will change your life. For this reason you’ll always find the Bible open and being used on a Sunday (and indeed in all our gatherings).

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