What If?

What If Logo 2016“What If?” is a powerful question, one that opens up almost endless opportunities and possibilities. Yet most of us live our lives based on ‘what is.’ And we’re surprised when we only experience the Status Quo.

This January we want to find out ‘What if’ Jesus is who He said He is and did what He said He’d done.

What are the implications then? What difference might asking that ‘what if’ make to our lives?

What Can I Expect?
A typical service at Ammanford Evangelical Church last from 10:30am until 11:45am. Coffees and teas are served until 10:20am in the reception area and are free for all who attend. And children utilising our creche and Sunday Schools must be registered before 10:25am.

The service itself is informal by most church/chapel standards. We usually welcome people, share a thought or idea and then sing a few songs (don’t worry you don’t have to join in if you don’t want to).

Before one of our team preaches to us (usually 30 – 40min) we hear about some things that are happening in the church or someone’s personal story.

As soon as the sermon is over we get all the children back from their classes/creche to sing a final song with actions galore.

People come dressed how they feel most comfortable. For some that’s jeans and a t-shirt, for others a shirt and tie and yet others short(!) no matter the weather.

We’d love to see you at one of our special What If services this January at Llandybie Memorial Hall.

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