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Church Lore

Illuminating the past that made our present

Below you'll find a series of links, some to podcasts & videos, others to books that we think would be beneficial in diving deeper into this area of study. These are purely additional to the Sunday evenings discussions and totally not essential to coming along. We hope you'll find them helpful & stretching. If there's something you think should be on our list, head over to the Contact page and let us know!

NB: if you have an Android or Apple device you can download the Kindle App for free, then access the free eBooks mentioned through it.

Heroes & Heretics: The Early Church


Further Readings:

Part 1 - Heroes and Heretics (the early church)

Monks and Mystics - The Middle Ages


  • Introducing the Medieval Church by Carl Trueman [Listen Here]

Part 2 - Monks and Mystics (the middle ages)

Rifts and Rediscoveries - The Reformation


  • Martin Luther: Deep Refreshment from the Past [Listen Here]
Part 3 - Rifts and Rediscoveries (the reformation)

Modernity and Me - A Strange New World


  • Jonathan Thomas 'Lessons from Welsh church history – the life of Thomas Charles founder of the Bible Society' [Watch Here]
  • Mark Sayers 'This Cultural Moment: What is Post-Christian Culture? [Watch Here]
Part 4 - Modernity and Me (a strange new world)