There are many ways that you can give to support the mission of Ammanford Evangelical Church. As a church we are entirely dependent on the regular giving and one-off donations of our members, attendees and friends of the church family. Without these gifts we’d be unable to carry out our mission of ‘Making and Maturing Christ Followers.’

StewardshipRegular Giving:

Regular giving is vital for both the life of the church and the life of the individual Christian. We encourage people to create a Stewardship Account if they want to give a regular amount each month. Through Stewardship you can manage your gifts to Ammanford Evangelical Church and any other charities. Stewardship also collect Gift Aid on the church’s behalf thus increasing the giving of any UK taxpayers.

If you’d like to give regularly but through your bank rather than Stewardship then please get in touch so that we can share the church’s banking details with you. 

One-Off & Special Gifts:

Give a one-off gift to Ammanford Evangelical ChurchIf you’d like to make a one-off contribution then we have a secure webpage which you can use to make debit/credit payments here.

Through our page you can pay with either a credit/debit card or an existing Stewardship Account. These one-off gifts are also subject to Gift Aid so UK tax payers can increase their giving by simply checking a box.

Other Ways to Give:

Many in our church family choose to give each Sunday during our weekly collection. If you do give on a Sunday morning, envelopes are available from the Information Point in the service that allow us to reclaim GiftAid.

For a fuller explanation of all the available ways to give to the mission of the church please download our leaflet.

If you’d like information on why Christians should give to the mission of the local church then we’d recommend listening to “Looking for Happiness in Cash,” a sermon from our series in Malachi.