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How To Read My Bible

Making your Bible a less intimidating book

Below you'll find a series of links, some to podcasts & videos, others to books that we think would be beneficial in diving deeper into this area of study. These are purely additional to the Sunday evenings discussions and totally not essential to coming along. We hope you'll find them helpful & stretching. If there's something you think should be on our list, head over to the Contact page and let us know!

NB: if you have an Android or Apple device you can download the Kindle App for free, then access the free eBooks mentioned through it.

Session 1 introduces the concept of reading our Bibles in light of the different genres we encounter. We also explore some of the facets of 'Narrative' to which we should be mindful when reading those portions
Session 2 introduces us to poetry and the features we encounter when reading it in our Bibles