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Plan A Visit

Where, when and what to expect on your first visit to Ammanford Church

We know meeting someone for the first time can be intimidating. Walking through the doors of a church can be especially nerve-racking and can come with all sorts of questions:

"What's it like on the other side of the door?" "What will happen during the service?" "Will I fit in or stand out?" "What about my children?"

We want to help make your first visit to Ammanford Church a great one! So we've prepared this page to help you get a feel for what you'll experience.

Q. What happens?

- Each Sunday (at 10:30am) a crowd of us meet to worship God and celebrate what Jesus has done for us in Llandybie Memorial Hall.

With over 100+ adults and nearly 50 children things can get quite busy. We like our services to be informal in style but meaningful and significant in content. Sunday's are an opportunity for us to meet with each other, and God, as part of his global family.

Q. Where will I park? 

– Llandybie Memorial Hall has a large free car park. If you find the hall you’ll find somewhere to park. 

Q. What should I wear? 

– Whatever you feel comfortable wearing! There’s no dress code, some people join us in shorts and t-shirt while others feel more comfortable in their ‘Sunday best.’ Usually, you’ll find most people dressed between those two extremes. 

Q. What will be going on when I arrive? 

– Someone will greet you at the entrance and point you towards our preservice refreshments. They’ll also be happy to answer any of your questions.

Typically people will arrive early to chat over refreshments before the service starts. The church functions like an extended family and our members often talk about the community they experience together. Feel free to grab a drink and take a seat at your own leisure.

Q. What happens during a service? 

– We sing a few songs because we think what Jesus has done is amazing, and want to say so out loud. All the words you need are projected onto a large screen (join in, or not, that’s up to you).

We read a passage from the Bible because we want to hear what God has to say, then we listen to a sermon, or a talk based on the Bible reading because we want to hear what God’s Word means and how it’s relevant to our day-to-day life.

Q. How long will the service last?  

– The service lasts for an about 1 1/4hour or so. Once it’s over, you are free to leave but very welcome to chat, ask some questions and find out more. (Sunday School finishes at 12pm).

Q. Do I have to take part in the service? 

– Short answer, no. Just being there is enough and we invite people to join in with whichever aspects they want.

Q. Will you be asked for, or expected to give any money? 

– No. Since our church members take responsibility for all the church running costs.

However, we do take a collection during our services for church members to give. When that happens we’re happy for you to let the bags just pass you by. 

Our aim in each and every service is to look towards Jesus and to discover the difference He can make in our lives.

Q. What about my children?

We believe that children are every bit as important as adults in the life of the church. We strive to make our services a place in which children are welcomed and enjoy themselves. Our motto in all our children's work is 'having fun learning about Jesus, from the Bible, in a safe place.'

Most weeks we also provide a creche facility, a Sunday School (for primary age children) and a special Bible study for younger teenagers.

Child safety is of paramount importance to us. We operate a Safeguarding Children Policy and all our volunteers/staff are DBS checked.

Hint - you can find out all about the services we offer for children and young people by clicking here.

Let us Know You're Coming

If you're ready to visit Ammanford Church in person we'd love to be ready to welcome you and offer you some VIP treatment. The form below will help us make sure you're welcomed and any additional questions you might have get answered.

We look forward to meeting you in person!